Friday, December 4, 2009

Kook Aid – The Battle – Part 2

This is a follow-up to my earlier post. See also: Part 3, Part 4.

After the discussion got underway on Spencer’s status, he posted the following link on his wall:

Spencer Hughes Losing his LAME Oscar would be the least of Gore's problems as this global warming FRAUD continues to unravel. He deserves to go down with this filthy ship. - Hollywood Conservatives Say Gore Should Lose Oscar Over Climate-Gate Two conservative screenwriters say Al Gore should be stripped of his Oscar in light of the global warming questions raised by leaked e-mails out of a British research center.

Matt - AG is such a clown...

Matthew Orlando - Agreed. Doesn't make global warming any less true.

Susan - Al Gore is a fraud. If he were living the "green" life and truly believed and practiced what he preaches - but we all know he drives SUVs and lives in a mansion. So stop telling us we need to be green.Even his Hollywood counterparts... they fly all over the world to give their global-warming concerts are are leaving a horrific carbon footprint.

David - thatll take him down a few pegs. frickin smug clown

Spencer Hughes - Matthew, INFORM YOURSELF FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. This is NOT the calamity that it's been made out to be!! THEY HAD TO LIE AND DISTORT TO SHOW WARMING to the degree they insisted it was happening. So WHAT the earth is WARMING?? It has melted over and frozen over and melted over again for MILLIONS OF YEARS, Matthew. It's called earth CYCLES.

Matthew Orlando - Like i said, even if everything you say is true about one particular group of scientists, you are committing a logical fallacy by applying it to the whole. Science isn't about people, it's about research. Just because some people do bad research doesn't mean that all the other research is bad.

Oh and, btw, the earth does go through cycles of warming and cooling. Have you ever actually heard a global warming supporter say otherwise?

Sarah - Matthew, the issue isn't whether or not there is global warming. The issue is whether or not it is caused by PEOPLE. Al Gore has made obscene amounts of money by fear mongering. He SHOULD go to prison.

Spencer Hughes - Matthew...the earth MIGHT JUST MELT OVER SOMEDAY. It probably WILL, based on the past cycles. Have you ever considered that since it happened BEFORE WITHOUT OUR HELP, it could NOT BE our fault?? WHO was to blame when the earth melted over the last several times?? WHO, Matthew?? Honestly?

Matthew Orlando - I don't understand why you're all so caught up on Gore. As I've said multiple times, I think he's a hypocritical douche. Luckily he's not THE voice of global warming scientists. At least not to the same extent as the republicans would like to claim.

Nicole - Ok Matthew... listen to yourself! The earth will warm and cool naturally, we all know this. The question is what makes this "warming" cycle different than any of the previous and are we at fault? I don't really think so... actually I'm watching it snow right this very second in Houston. Damn this global warming!

Matthew Orlando - What makes it different? It's the greatest increase in thousands of years.

Are we at fault? While the science isn't as certain as in the previous question, it's certainly not as weak as the republicans would like to claim.

Sarah - If you ask Maryann on the street who they think the father of the Global Warming movement is, they WILL say Al Gore. He won the nobel prize and an Oscar and made gazillions of dollars peddling bull$hit. That is why I, personally, am caught up on him.

Spencer Hughes - Matthew, Gore is perhaps THE MOST INFLUENTIAL speaker on this FRAUD!! The average American who believes the sky is falling got it from the likes of GORE, not some nameless scientist in a lab. He IS the voice of global warming, Matthew.

Heidi - Matthew, unfortunately majority of americans listen to these celebrity types of people than actual real professionals.

Matthew Orlando - Heidi: agreed wholeheartedly!

Spencer & Sarah, while I agree joe on the street is most familiar with gore, I'd sincerely hope that the people in charge of the future of this country aren't so easily swayed. Gore is just a messenger, and a horrible one at that.

if you really want to further your cause, you should convince people to ignore him and look at the science. If reality is truly on your side, it will eventually win out. As resistant as science is to changing its mind, it WILL change its mind if the facts are against it.

Sarah - How sad is it that Al Gore is a "celebrity?" Excuse me while I vomit.

Nicole - Bahaha Sarah...

Nicole - "It's the greatest increase in thousands of years." So your point is the earth HAS warmed significantly before and without the help of the destructive human beings? Uh, Matthew, by earth time thousands of years isn't that long, so... the point is this has HAPPENED BEFORE and it will happen again, even if every human being is dead and gone the earth's climate will warm significantly and cool significantly. Should we treat the earth better? YES, but we can't take the blame for this warming period.

Sarah - Well said, Nicole.

Nicole - Why thank you, Sarah ;-)

Trucker - LET ME DO IT... I would be glad to RIP it out of his hands, and give it to a REAL humanitarian.


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