Friday, January 19, 2024

Friends of a Child Molester

Nearly eight years ago, I wrote about my experiences of abuse at the hands of Frederick Hodges. Since then, I have received an outpouring of support from friends, family members, and even strangers.

At least from people outside the ragtime and classic film communities. I have contacted news outlets, e-zines, article authors, event planners, band members, etc. All but two completely ignored me, and not a single one has made any material changes to their coverage of this monster.

Now I'm scorched earth angry. It's time to name and shame these friends of a child molester.

I am not posting any personal contact information here, only links to the content or organizations they've been a part of. Please do not engage in harassment or threats. I want them to change their behavior, not live in fear. Well, except Frederick... May he forever live in fear of who walks behind him.

PS: If you have any SEO tips so this post will show up when people search for these organizations, please contact me.

Don Neely's Royal Society Jazz Orchestra and Child Molester Club

In the ultimate example of "stand by your man", Frederick Hodges has been a part of RSJO since before we met. There is no way in hell these people haven't heard about the accusations. But he's such a good singer and pianist it doesn't matter to them.

When I contacted them by e-mail or voicemail, they ignored me. When I contacted them on Facebook they blocked me. They are actively waging a campaign of denial.

Never attribute to malice what can be explained by simple incompetence. But never rule out malice. Maybe he's not the only child molester in their midst... 

The Syncopated Times, Promoter of Child Molesters

In 2021 I e-mailed Larry Melton, the author of - no reply.

In 2022, I e-mailed Brian Sheridan, the author of - no reply. I emailed him again today with a heads up that I was writing this post and he threatened to sue me for libel and defamation.

In 2022 I e-mailed Andy Senior, the co-founder of the site. He is the only one in all these years who took the time to thoughtfully respond. Unfortunately, his thoughts didn't go far enough and to this day he continues to absolve himself of any responsibility for legitimizing Frederick's career.

I'll make a follow-up post detailing the exchange. You can see the latest developments on my Facebook page. TL;DR: not my problem; you should write a book and then maybe people will listen.

San Francisco Silent Film Festival Loves Child Molesters

Sent an e-mail in 2021 - no reply.

Petaluma Film Alliance Hosts Child Molesters

Sent an e-mail in 2022 - no reply.

Art Deco Society of California, Friend to Child Molesters

Sent an e-mail in 2022 - no reply

AVFilm is Hosting a Child Molester

They were hosting a classic film night in 2022 where Frederick was playing piano.

I e-mailed their director of programming, Michael Traina, but didn't receive a reply.

I sent a message to their general Facebook account and they blocked me.

I sent Facebook messages to Tess Aston, Kathryn Hecht, and Hillary Kambour. None replied.

I e-mailed their general account about the fact that they blocked me on Facebook and they ignored me.

The event page is no longer available but this is probably just data rot.

The Press Democrat Doesn't Care About Child Molesters

I called the news room regarding his appearance at the AVFilm event. They said someone would get back to me if they wanted to write about it. I guess they didn't care.

San Mateo Daily Journal Ignores Child Molesters

Sent an e-mail to the author, Curtis Driscoll, in 2022 - no reply

Broadway World - Child Molester at the Sierra Madre Playhouse!

Sent an email to the author, A. A. Cristie 8 days ago - no reply

Used contact us form on Sierra Madre Playhouse site - no reply

YouTube Channels With a Child Molester on Piano

I have left comments on multiple channels with videos of Frederick. The comments have either been ignored or deleted. - Janet Klein, recently appearing in duets with Frederick - 831,000 Subscribers. This is someone I'm familiar with for entirely unrelated reasons - I'm surprised my comments haven't been deleted
And after all that, I'm sure I'm still missing some. There were some websites with contact forms that didn't send me a confirmation e-mail. There are probably some comments that were deleted so now I can't find them in my history. Suffice it to say, I'm batting 0 at the moment and it's time for something to change.

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